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Safe Teen Dating

Submitted by student authors from Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School:
DJ, Katie, Lauren, and Sydney

Unhealthy relationships are more common than you may think. Even the smallest things such as constantly checking in, monopolizing all of your time, and testing personal boundaries are signs of unhealthy relationships.

In any relationship, jealousy can creep in. And jealousy can lead to trust issues. Actions such as your partner constantly checking up on you or wanting to know where you are at all times may seem innocent, but after a while controlling behaviors may make you isolate yourself from the important people in your life. Setting boundaries is important in any relationship. Teens participating in sexual activities before the age of 18 has become more common. What once was a sacred act is now used by some as a way to define themselves. Pressure to have sex is something that many teenagers are familiar with. Setting boundaries needs to be done in every relationship in order to avoid sexual abuse. If you aren’t ready for sex and your partner is, that is a conversation that needs to happen.

For those who decide they are ready for a mature sexual relationship, practicing safe sex is imperative. Condoms, male and female, birth control pills, and cervical caps are all things that you need to know about and know how to use. Also consider sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Has your partner been with anyone else besides you and were they practicing safe sex with that person? Getting tested before having intercourse with a new partner is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. STIs can be life altering diseases that can change the way that you have to live may affect your future relationships.

A healthy relationship consists of trust, boundaries, and honesty. The teen years are the most vulnerable point in our lives. However, a healthy relationship can make for some of the best memories you will ever have. Not all teens are interested in dating, however, if you are, make sure the relationship is safe.

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